A Year in Ink

San Diego Writers Ink Anthology

Volume 14


“Pandemic Poetic” 

co-author: Cherie Kephart  

San Diego Poetry Annual 2020-21

“Sky Bridge” (p. 204)

The 2020 Poetry Marathon Anthology

“Purple Purpose” (p. 215)

Tiny Spoon Ecology Issue 5, Fall 2020

 “Petrichor” (p. 19)
“Metamorphosis” (p. 20)

Tiny Spoon Lit Magazine – Leer Design

Fuck Isolation:

A Tribute to the COVID-19 Experience

from the Poets Underground


“Horseman” (p. 102)
“The Only Sound” (p. 107)
“Carry Me” (p. 116)
“What We Are” (p. 118)